EspressReport 6.6

Class PickObj

  extended by quadbase.util.PickData
      extended by quadbase.ChartAPI.swing.PickObj


public class PickObj
extends PickData


This class is used to return information to the higher layer according to the data selected by the user. This class has been deprecated. Please use quadbase.util.PickData.

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class quadbase.util.PickData
angle, category, categoryName, close_name, enddateName, faceData, high_name, low_name, open_name, percent, radian, s_category, s_percent, s_series, s_sumBy, s_v2Quart, s_v3Quart, s_value, s_vclose, s_venddate, s_vhigh, s_vlow, s_vopen, s_vQuart, s_vstartdate, s_xvalue, s_yvalue, s_zvalue, series, seriesName, startdateName, sumBy, sumByName, v2Quart, v3Quart, value, valueName, vclose, venddate, vhigh, vlow, vopen, vQuart, vstartdate, xvalue, yvalue, zvalue
Method Summary
Methods inherited from class quadbase.util.PickData
clear, toString, toVec
Methods inherited from class java.lang.Object
clone, equals, finalize, getClass, hashCode, notify, notifyAll, wait, wait, wait

EspressReport 6.6