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Class DbDataCollection

  extended by quadbase.reportdesigner.ReportAPI.DbData
      extended by quadbase.reportdesigner.ReportAPI.DbDataCollection
All Implemented Interfaces:
IResultSet, IRow

public class DbDataCollection
extends DbData

This class provides an implementation for the quadbase.reportdesigner.util.IResultSet interface using a collection of data. IResultSet is used to provide input data to a report. DbDataCollection holds the data information necessary to plot a report. They are (i) data type for each column (ii) name for each column (iii) a list of data records

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Constructor Summary
DbDataCollection(java.util.Collection dataType, java.util.Collection fieldName, java.util.Collection records)
          Construct a new DbDataCollection class
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public DbDataCollection(java.util.Collection dataType,
                        java.util.Collection fieldName,
                        java.util.Collection records)
Construct a new DbDataCollection class

dataType - a collection of dataType specify by String. The following are valid data type recognize by the class.
integer : "int", "integer", "smallint", tinyint" or "short"
long : "long", "bigint"
numeric : "numeric"
decimal : "decimal"
float : "float", "real"
double : "double"
time : "time"
date : "date"
timestamp : "timestamp"
varchar : "string", "varchar"
longvarchar : "longvarchar"
boolean : "boolean", "logical", "bit"
Data type names are case insensitive.
fieldName - a collection of name for each field in the record
records - collection of records, each record is again a collection of size n, where n = size of dataType = size of fieldName. Each field in a record represent the data as String. If there is a size mismatch or invalid record entry that can't convert to destination data type, an IllegalArgumentException is thrown.

EspressReport 6.6