EspressReport 6.6

Interface IReportIO

public interface IReportIO

This class is used to configure where the user of a Report Designer opened from an API call is allowed to save their report (.rpt) files.

When using the method QbReportDesigner.setReportIO(IReportIO rio); the IReportIO Object is passed in for this purpose.

All implementing class must implement the method saveFile().

Method Summary
 void saveFile(byte[] data, java.lang.String fileName)
          Restrict the user where he/she will be able to save the report file.

Method Detail


void saveFile(byte[] data,
              java.lang.String fileName)
Restrict the user where he/she will be able to save the report file. A trick is to call designer.getDesigner().setTitle(newLoc); and designer.getDesigner().repaint(); at the end of this method to refresh the title for where the file was actually saved. Note: designer is a QbReportDesigner Object.

data - when implmenting this saveFile method, call designer.writeFile(newloc, data) to write the report file, where newloc is the location of where to save the report file.
fileName - the entire path and name of where the report file will be saved originally. Manipulate this fileName as necessarily to retrieve the original location and name of where the user intend to save the file.

EspressReport 6.6