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Interface IChartModifier

public interface IChartModifier

The interface for modifying the attributes of a chart embedded in a report. The class (implementing this interface) is then assigned to the chart using the method setChartModifier in ReportChartObject.

A typical use of this interface involves:

    QbReport report = ...;
    ReportChartObject chartObject = new ReportChartObject();
    // Change the chart HERE using class created implementing IChartModifier
    chartObject.setChartModifier(new ChartModifier());
    // definition of ChartModifier somewhere else in code
    // Create class to modify existing template chart.  In this case, 
    // turn background color to pink
    public class ChartModifier implements IChartModifier {
       public ChartModifier() {};
       public IChart modifyChart(Object chartInfo) {
          ChartObject chart = new ChartObject(chartInfo);  // Get actual ChartObject
          return chart;

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Method Summary
 IChart modifyChart(java.lang.Object chartInfo)
          Invoked when drawing chart

Method Detail


IChart modifyChart(java.lang.Object chartInfo)
Invoked when drawing chart

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