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Interface IQueryMultiValueInParam

All Superinterfaces:
quadbase.common.util.IQueryInParam, quadbase.common.util.IQueryMultiValueInParam

public interface IQueryMultiValueInParam
extends IQueryInParam, quadbase.common.util.IQueryMultiValueInParam

This class is for parameters that may expand to multiple values. Such is the case for parameters specified in the 'IN' clause of a query. For example, a query may have the following form:

     SELECT * FROM Products
     WHERE ProductID IN (:pids)

The parameter 'pids' may have one or more values.

Implementation Notes:
This interface implements the IQueryInParam interface and inherits the 'getValue' and 'setValue' methods. These methods should be implemented to set and retrieve the first value only. Do not use these methods to set and retrieve the entire vector, instead use the 'getValues' and 'setValues' methods from this interface.

Method Summary
 java.util.Vector getValues()
 void setValues(java.util.Vector values)
Methods inherited from interface quadbase.reportdesigner.util.IQueryInParam
getColumnName, getDefaultValue, getParamName, getPromptName, getSqlType, getTableName, getValue, isMapToColumn, setColumnName, setDefaultValue, setMapToColumn, setPromptName, setSqlType, setTableName, setValue

Method Detail


java.util.Vector getValues()
Specified by:
getValues in interface quadbase.common.util.IQueryMultiValueInParam


void setValues(java.util.Vector values)
Specified by:
setValues in interface quadbase.common.util.IQueryMultiValueInParam

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