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Interface ICustomParameterDateFormat

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public interface ICustomParameterDateFormat
extends quadbase.common.util.ICustomParameterDateFormat

A class implementing this interface should also implement IQueryInParam. This interface provides additional functionality to IQueryInParam. It allows the user to provide a custom date format to convert a string into a java Date object. This can be used for parameters with type DATE, TIME, or TIMESTAMP. The date format should follow the guidelines defined in java.text.SimpleDateFormat.

Method Summary
 java.lang.String getDateFormat()
          This method should return a pattern for parsing the user input.

Method Detail


java.lang.String getDateFormat()
Description copied from interface: quadbase.common.util.ICustomParameterDateFormat
This method should return a pattern for parsing the user input. Please see java.text.SimpleDateFormat for details. Return null if the user input should not be parsed.

Specified by:
getDateFormat in interface quadbase.common.util.ICustomParameterDateFormat

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